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Australia Post’s change to letter delivery schedule

Australia Post have change how letter deliveries are scheduled.

Key points:

  • Until 30th June 2021, Australia Post will deliver letter every second working day rather than every working day.
  • Delivery frequency in rural or remote lations will not be affected.
  • P.O Boxes and Express Post items will continue to be delivered every working day.

Changes to your letters service (from Australia Post)

You might’ve heard some news about changes to your letters service. Here’s what you need to know.

Choose from Regular, Priority and Express Post
Express PostPriorityRegular
Delivery time

Next business day guaranteed*

1-4 business days^, depending on destination

Up to 2 business days^ longer than Priority

What you need

Express Post prepaid envelope

Envelope, postage stamp and Priority label

Envelope and postage stamp

Where you post it

Yellow street posting box or Post Office

Red street posting box or Post Office

Red street posting box or Post Office

Prices from


(Concession: $1.10)

(Concession: $0.60)

What else has changed?

  • Delivery time for Regular mail: Our standard letter service takes a bit longer than before – an extra 1-2 business days in most cases. But it’s still the most cost-effective option for non-urgent mail.
  • Increase to the Basic Postage Rate (BPR): The cost of a postage stamp for sending a letter within Australia has increased from 70 cents to $1.

What hasn’t changed

  • Concession stamp pricing: You’ll still pay just 60 cents for a concession stamp, despite the increase for normal stamps. So you’ll actually save an extra 30 cents by using your MyPost Concession account. Don’t have one yet? Apply today with your Federal Government concession card.
  • Our Express Post service: Guaranteed next-business-day delivery* – and tracking included – within the Express Post network makes this your best option for urgent mail.
  • Christmas stamp pricing: The cost of sending a Christmas or Seasonal Greeting card remains at 65 cents.

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