Trust me; a statement that is tired, overused and almost meaningless these days. The fact is, data breaches occur every day. Add in ransomware and how much private data is already stolen and it’s a complete nightmare, people, organisations, governments are all worried and probably paranoid about sending data.

Lucky you. We are here to help you negotiate the safest, most secure path.

  • An industry first: In 2018, we completely air-gapped our print production and data processing environments. Isolated and separate from any internet access, your important data is temporarily and securely stored here, essentially hack free for the duration of the mail out process, then deleted permanently.
  • We process and print from your data in-house.
  • Data is air-gapped, encrypted and secured behind multiple passwords.
  • We have strict conditions in place for transmission of secure data. Always contact us BEFORE you send data, we will guide you how to protect and secure your data prior to electronic transfer.
  • We don’t sell, aggregate or do anything with your data other then what you request us to do, then it is deleted.
  • All long term customers are welcome to audit our processes, inspect our production facilities and environments and ask questions in relation to their data or jobs.
  • Your data is only accessible by myself and no one else, for the entire duration of your job until completion. No one else has access to your data, it’s not passed on, or sent through a chain of internal emails or given to other people, suppliers or offsite facilities. If I die, your data dies with me.
  • Government departments, Queensland and Federal databases have passed through our systems securely.
  • We have secured and managed private and confidential information of A-list domestic and international personalities for nearly a decade now.
  • No, we are not PCI DSS compliant. This is a payment gateway for funds transfers ( typically Credit Card payment of orders ) and has nothing to do with protecting your supplied databases. We are above and beyond.
  • Now, more than ever, customers are asking me to securely retain and manage their databases on our air-gapped encrypted servers because they are concerned about potential data breaches, malware and hacking if left on their own systems.

I’m not afraid of questions, you know what you need to do.

With thanks,


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