Australia Post PreSort Postage
Australia Post PreSort Postage

Use PreSort Letters to save money PreSort Letters is a cost-effective way to send fully addressed mail. You can get discounted postage rates if you’re sending more than 300 machine-addressed items, all barcoded and sorted. As well as Priority delivery, … Read More

Australia Post Priority Postage
Australia Post Priority Postage

Use Priority Postage to have your letters delivered quickly Priority PreSort is the quickest way to send fully addressed mail. You can get discounted postage rates if you’re sending more than 300 machine-addressed items, all barcoded and sorted. As well … Read More

Australia Post Promo Postage
Australia Post Promo Postage

Send promotional mail in bulk with Promo Post If you send large volumes of promotional mail, Promo Post offers you a cost-effective and straightforward way to send your articles in bulk. Benefits Engage your audience using an uncluttered channel Leverage … Read More

Australia Post Regular Mail Full Price
Australia Post Regular Mail Full Price

Australia Post Regular Mail 2-6 business days^ depending on destination. Letter size and weight guidelines. We classify a letter as an item that: weighs less than 500g is no thicker than 20mm contains flexible items – nothing rigid or inflexible … Read More

markis reply paid service
Australia Post Reply Paid Postage

Reply Paid Postage

Reply Paid makes it easy – and free – for your customers to reply to your communications.

As well as the Priority delivery, Reply Paid offers the option of a Regular delivery service, taking up to an additional two business days for delivery.


  • Increase responses to your communications – when you enclose a Reply Paid envelope, your customers can respond quickly, easily and for free
  • Save time as there is no need to affix a stamp to envelope
  • Save on postage; pay only the on the envelopes that are returned
  • It’s cheaper to use then regular mail stamps

How to use Reply Paid

You can use our Reply Paid service for:

  • Reply Paid Letters (Domestic) – enclose a Reply Paid envelope, postcard, coupon or self-mailer in ‘Large’ or ‘Small’ items sent within Australia
  • International Reply Paid Letters (IRP) – extend your marketing campaign overseas and get the same benefits with for ‘Small’ items under 50g
  • If you need a reply paid service for larger items, enquire about our Return Paid parcels service


What you can send

With Reply Paid, you can send ‘Small’ or ‘Large’ items

Small Large
Maximum weight 125g (50g for IRP) 500g
Minimum size 90 x 145mm N/A
Maximum size 130 x 240mm 260 x 360mm
Maximum thickness 5mm 20mm


DLX Envelopes
DLX Envelopes
  • Machinable envelope with gummed flap.
  • Box of 500 envelopes.
  • DLX Envelope dimensions 235mm x 120mm.
  • 94mm x 34mm barcode window face.
  • Lick ‘n stick, secretive, banker style seal.
  • FSC paper stock.
  • Australian owned and Australian made.
eparcel markis parcel post australia post

SMS & email tracking plus signature on delivery.

Bulk eParcels – up to 12 tons / 8 pallets inbound / outbound at the same time.

Discount parcel postage; from $6.55 Brisbane metro with full tracking / signature on delivery.

Labels created straight from your database.

Flysheet Printing
Flysheet Printing

DL, A5, A4 or other sizes available. Black and white or go full colour. Single sided or double sided. With or without bleed. Overprinted with recipient address, Australia Post barcode and any other variable information if required? Standard stock is … Read More

Group Certificates
Group Certificates

Print Group Certificates from client supplied .pdf file.


  1. Submits PDF via online order

Mail house process;

  1. Merge supplied files
  2. Extract name and address data to .csv file
  3. Append DPID barcodes (if over 300 letters)
  4. Overprint DLX plain face envelope, sequence number, group certificate name and address details
  5. Apply sequence number, then print Group Certificates, black and white on 80gsm FSC paper stock
  6. Check variable number sequence match, load into inserter
  7. Secure/privacy fold (reverse folded, print inside)
  8. Insert, tray, label
  9. Lodgement documentation
  10. Lodge at Australia Post on Markis Account
  11. Inform client job has completed

*Postage subject to Australia Post charges.

Group Direct Mail
Group Direct Mail

Group mail out pricing for 2018 Database processing, set up of artwork, provide proofs for approval. 1x Offset letterhead, overprinted with variable data 1x DLX barcode window face, lick and stick envelope Fold, insert, seal & lodge at Australia Post … Read More

Group Direct Mail – Additional Flyer Insert
Group Direct Mail – Additional Flyer Insert

Group mail out pricing for 2018 Add an extra flyer to the inserting process.

HQ Digital Letterhead Printing
HQ Digital Letterhead Printing

Full Colour

Full Bleed

Single Sided

100gsm Satin Stock