You don’t need to lodge on our Australia Post account. If you have your own Australia Post account, you can authorise Markis to lodge your letters or parcels on your behalf.

There are two ways to do this:


Contact your Australia Post Account Representative via email

The email should follow the following guidelines:

Dear <Australia Post Account Rep>

Please set up Markis (ABN 83 941 817 044) to lodge on our Australia Post Account Number: 123456789 at Mansfield Business Hub, Mansfield, Queensland 4122

Kind regards,

<Company email signature of authorised Australia Post Account Holder>

NB: Please CC our email into this email as I will follow up to ensure the new lodgement point has been set up prior to lodgement of your letters or parcels.



If you don’t know who your Australia Post Account Representative is, or don’t have a contact email address, just send the above email to us, and I will forward it onto my Representative and CC you in the email.


You should allow approx. 5 working days for Australia Post to set up a new lodgement point on your Account number.