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Australia Post PreSort Postage


Use PreSort Letters to save money

PreSort Letters is a cost-effective way to send fully addressed mail. You can get discounted postage rates if you’re sending more than 300 machine-addressed items, all barcoded and sorted.

As well as Priority delivery, PreSort Letters service offers the option of a lower cost Regular delivery service for non-time critical mail, taking up to an additional 2 business days for delivery.


  • Having your mail barcoded and sorted saves you money, because it saves us processing time
  • You can get even further discounts by choosing Regular delivery service
  • Easy to pay for, using either your Australia Post business credit account, a postage meter, cash, debit card or credit card

What you can send

With PreSort Letters, you can send ‘Small’, ‘Small Plus’ or ‘Large’ items.

Size details Small Small Plus Large
Maximum weight 125g 125g 500g
Minimum size 88 x 138mm 88 x 138mm N/A
Maximum size 130 x 240mm 162 x 240mm 260 x 360mm
Maximum thickness 5mm 5mm 20mm

Please note:

  • Each lodgement must contain items in the same size category
  • All items must carry a barcode
  • All items must be sorted into particular postcode ranges

Delivery times

PreSort Mail delivery standards (84kb)

Case study

Bank of Queensland (2mb)



*Approved lodgement facilities are those you nominated when you applied for an Australia Post business credit account. If you don’t have an Australia Post business credit account, you can lodge your articles at a Post Office.