Part of our Quality Policy Statement

Customers have high expectations for quality on delivery of products and services. My aim is to deliver on those expectations every single time. On occasions it is necessary to review a previously vetted supplier to ensure minimum standards are maintained, thus keeping customers happy.

A trigger for a review typically does not involve a single issue or problem, but rather a cascade or multiple issues over a period.

Examples of triggers ( in no order ):

  • Failed or delayed deliveries
  • Deliveries inconsistent with actual order
  • Fall short deliveries
  • Orders failing through a supplier online portal
  • When we find ourselves constantly following up orders
  • Damaged goods
  • Dumping of old stock

Before a review is triggered, it is typical for me to have already engaged with the supplier to understand why or how issues or problems are occurring and what a suitable remedy will be going forward.

Before a supplier review is triggered, the first thing I do is ask ‘Is it me?’

  • Is the request reasonable?
  • From a supplier perspective, is the order difficult to fulfil?
  • What is my mood? Am I grumpy? Do I need to eat?
  • Am I just tired from working long hours?
  • Okay, so there was an issue, does it really matter?

If I can say with confidence ‘It’s not me’, then it’s time to trigger a supplier review.

During this review period, my goal is to:

  • Determine how disruptive the supplier’s new way of business is to my way of business
  • To determine if and what benefits or disadvantages there are to my customers, if I continue to work to a supplier’s new way of business
  • If there is a continued benefit, what can we do to modify our business to accommodate a supplier’s new way of business

Where a benefit cannot be found:

  • Look to alternative suppliers to supply goods
  • Test quality of potential suppliers products and services
  • Once a suitable supplier is found, removal of any references to previous supplier from website and / or social media posts

What can I do?

If you are a supplier and have received an automated notification of a supplier review, this would the best time to pick up the phone.

With thanks,

Mark Prosser

0419 728 758

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