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About us? Hmm. More like ‘About me’

It’s taken me over 6 months to actually start writing this ‘About us’ page.

Why? Because I don’t know what to write. I searched the internet for examples of ‘About us’ pages, starting writing, then deleting what I had written over and over again. I never liked what I had written so I gave up.

What to do? I need an ‘About us’ page so, what is the solution? Perhaps just writing like this. Straight from my mind. No thinking or having anything prepared. Let’s try it…


About me, maybe


Friday 1st June, 2018.

About me. Hmm. Paradoxically, even though the business wouldn’t have existed without me, I don’t feel particular important to the process.

About me. You know, I’m not really interested in making it about me. How about we make it about you instead? I’m more comfortable with that. Over the 8 years I’ve been in business, I’ve always made it about you, the client, the customer. Whether it means meeting deadlines, expectations and quality; I’ll just make it happen. Nothing makes me more happy than a client who comes back to me, without any prompting and thanks me for the work I’ve done. I suppose that’s the only thing that’s kept me in business for so long really. I think there is something in that because I’ve rarely had to advertise for new business. Word of mouth and referrals might just be the biggest reason why I have new customers. In that regard I consider myself very lucky and I am always very appreciative of my customers.

About me. Hmm. I don’t take on too much work. Taking on too much work is a bit greedy and can lead to disappointed customers (missed deadlines). Sometimes I like to have a weekend off.

I think that’s enough about me. Can we talk about you? I’d love to hear from you.


Mark Prosser.

0419 728 758