This is provided for informational purposes only.

You don’t need to decide which method you want for your project as I review each project individually and find the best and most cost-effective method, based upon your expectations of turnaround.

Machine Inserting:

  • Quick; up to 9,000 per hour
  • Cost efficient
  • Quantities from 300 to infinite
  • High accuracy
  • 100% data to physical lodgement guarantee
  • DLX, C5 and C4 inserting

Machine inserting is by far the quickest method for enclosing your insert. If you are mailing in any quantity and to a budget, machine inserting is the best approach over all the other methods listed below.

Almost anything within reason can be machine inserted, magnets, flyers, brochures but it is always best to discuss your project with us prior to any design work being undertaken so that we can guide you to the quickest and most cost-effective suggestions for insertion.

Insert capabilities up to 12 sheets of A4 size paper and up to two additional inserts. Inserts can be up to 5mm thick, personalised or generic.

Batch Match Machine Inserting:

  • Can be quicker than manual inserting
  • Saves cost of manual inserting
  • Quantities from 300 to infinite
  • Mismatching can a possibility, but will be limited to a single batch.
  • DLX, C5 and C4 inserting

Batch machine inserting is used when there is a personalised envelope with a personalised insert. Inserting is done in either multiples of 25, 50 or 100 depending on what is being inserted. During inserting, the machine is loaded with batch quantity, inserted, then reloaded. Prior to loading the machine each batch is inspected to ensure their respective start and finishing number (printed on both insert/s and enclosures) match.

The batch machine inserting is a good balance between ensuring proper matching of enclosure to insert vs timeframe set by client.

Batch machine inserting is typically used when there is one, or several personalised inserts to be enclosed into a personalised envelope.

Even though we take great care and precaution to avoid and limit any mismatched enclosure to insert, it can occur with this method. If any mismatching occurs it is limited to only a single batch and seeing as both the start number of enclosure to insert matched prior to machine loading, this further limits the number of mismatching possible. The greater the batch number, the greater the number of mismatching might occur.

Percent change of mismatching occurring is around 0% to 2%. If this percentage is to high for your campaign, then manual matching and inserting is recommended.

Manual Match and Insert:

  • The most accurate method for matching personalised envelope and personalised insert
  • Quantities from 300 to infinite
  • Most effective method against mismatching
  • C6, DL, DLX, C5 & C4 inserting

Quantities from Manual match and insert is a physical process where all the components occupy a workspace and are processed by an individual. This process involves checking all personalised inserts match a personalised enclosure before inserting, sealing and sorting into trays.

Manual (Hand) Inserting:

  • Greater flexibility for unusual inserts

Manual or hand inserting is the best solution for complex mail outs, or insertion of unusual or non-machine inserts.