Group Certificates
Group Certificates

Print Group Certificates from client supplied .pdf file.


  1. Submits PDF via online order

Mail house process;

  1. Supply and overprint DLX plain face envelope, sequence number, group certificate name and address details.
  2. Apply sequence number, then print Group Certificates, black and white on 80gsm FSC paper stock.
  3. Check variable number sequence match, load into inserter.
  4. Secure/privacy fold (reverse folded, print inside).
  5. Insert, tray, label.
  6. Lodgement documentation.
  7. Lodge at Australia Post on Markis Account or your Australia Post account.
  8. Inform client job has completed.


  • If over 300 recipients, I can extract recipient details to .csv file, append and apply DPID barcodes to group certificates.
  • Or merge group certificates from database file.

Important Information:

  1. Prior to electronic transmission of data, protect it with a password. Ask me how.
  2. Once supplied, data resides on a internet disconnected, air-gapped file production computer, essentially hack free, and deleted 14 days after job is completed.
  3. Confidentiality guaranteed.

*Postage subject to Australia Post charges.