Digital Data Theft and Hacking

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If large corporate companies like Marriot, Google, Yahoo, Equifax, eBay, JP Morgan Chase and so on cannot prevent data theft and hacking attempts, what chance does a small company like ours have? In November 2018, Markis took all customer data … Read More

Unmatched Addresses

During the DPID barcoding process, we take your database and match it against Australia Post’s PAF (Postage Address File) of over 18 million unique delivery points. This helps ensure the address details in your database does exist and is actually … Read More

Artwork Rejected

You’ve been rejected ๐Ÿ™ Don’t panic though; we’ve probably already given you a solution or fix. We’re here to help. Wait? What’s happened? Unfortunately your supplied artwork has been rejected. Q: Why has my artwork been rejected? A: Artwork can … Read More


Die Cut Stickers Bumper Stickers Electrostatic Stickers Floor Stickers Reversed Stickers Sheeted Stickers Bulk mailing Labels Barcode Stickers White ink options available. Online shop products will be added soon. In the meantime, please make your enquiry through the contact page. … Read More