You’ve been rejected 🙁

Don’t panic though; we’ve probably already given you a solution or fix. We’re here to help.

Wait? What’s happened? Unfortunately your supplied artwork has been rejected.

Q: Why has my artwork been rejected?

A: Artwork can be rejected for many reasons.


Here are a few possible reasons your artwork has been rejected:

Artwork resolution is too low

When artwork resolution are too low, images and text will appear fuzzy on the final printed document. We want your print to look professional, clean and crisp!

  1. Aim for 300 dpi minimum
  2. Use vector programs, like Illustrator or InDesign
  3. Design for print, downscale for web.


Dimensions are incorrect

Supplying a full bleed A4 flyer? You document can’t be 210mm x 297mm. But that’s the size of an A4 sheet right? Yes, but the document requires bleed to be printed. Bleed is an extra area or border of around 2mm to 10mm depending on the final print application that images and background artwork flow into. You need bleed to avoid thin white lines around the edges of your final printed document.

  1. Adding bleed doesn’t have to be that difficult – some clients don’t even know we fix their files.
  2. Before submitting a file, check what the requirements are first. Just a few minutes can save you hours.


No embedded fonts

When we opened your file to prepare it for print, we discovered the fonts you’ve used are not contained within the document. If the document refers to fonts we don’t have (There are millions of fonts), while it’s not impossible, it’s very difficult to move your artwork to the next stage of print; preflighting.

  1. Submit artwork with fonts embedded or,
  2. Supply all the fonts you used to make the file or,
  3. Convert text to paths or outlines and flatten your artwork – we don’t need 100 of layers to print a file.


The thing to remember is, don’t panic – we’re here to help you!


Need some technical answers? Have a look at this; Artwork Specifications