During the DPID barcoding process, we take your database and match it against Australia Post’s PAF (Postage Address File) of over 18 million unique delivery points. This helps ensure the address details in your database does exist and is actually physically deliverable.

Your data is important and we’ll work with you to help you obtain the best result.

The unmatched addresses are charged at the maximum postage of 0.985c per letter (correct as of 9th November 2018). The different between Promo Mail and unmatched postage can be 30% so with a database of ten’s of thousands, that’s a significant enough reason to understand and resolve unmatched addresses.

Here’s what we have seen from over 10 years of processing millions of records.

  • 98% match rate – Well done. You have a well maintained database!
  • 95% match rate – Congratulations, this is a great result!
  • 90% match rate – Overall average match rate of all customer databases
  • 85% match rate – Below average. When we see a match rate like this, we go back into the data to understand what is happening and let you know what the best remedy is.
  • 80% match rate – Anything below this match rate and depending on quantity, it’s possible that you’ll see a dramatic increase in return mail. Don’t worry, we’re the experts and we’ll help you find a solution.

With our expertise, we’ve recovered and improved upon data from databases with just a 50% match rate.

Okay, so what do do with unmatched addresses?

Sometimes clients;

  • Will double check address data of these clients and resubmit data.
  • Opt to send anyway, but closely monitor return mail.
  • Opt to send to these addresses anyway, but closely monitor sales.
  • Remove from database and save on postage / mail house costs.

What causes mismatched addresses?

  • Incorrect street names “Mac” instead of “Mc”, “Mt” instead of “Mount” for example.
  • Misspelled street and / or suburb names.
  • Incorrect unit and / or street numbers.
  • Fake addresses; some people consider mail as spam and don’t wish to be contacted.

An unmatched address doesn’t necessary mean automatic return mail. Australia Post’s delivery drivers have local knowledge and are determined to ensure your letter is delivered, rather than have the letter be processed back through their system as return mail to be delivered to you.

When should I be worried?

  • 1 to 300 addresses – 80% is acceptable.
  • 301 to 2000 addresses – 85% is acceptable.
  • 2001 to 5000 addresses – 90% is acceptable.
  • 5001 to 10,000 addresses – 95% is acceptable.
  • 10,001 to 25,000 addresses – 98% is acceptable.
  • Above 25,001 addresses – 99% is acceptable.

We can work with you to improve the quality of your database and increase the ROI of your next direct mail campaign.

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