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    Mark Prosser

    Poor button placement which can result in the Power button being pressed when the Paper button should be pressed. The paper button is used for pausing and restarting print. The Power button is used to shutdown or start the machine.

    In a high speed, fast production environment where client deadlines are getting shorter, there is less than a few inches between accidentally pressing the Power button and shutting down the printing mid-print, waiting for shutdown, waiting for restart, waiting for cleaning, finding what was last printing, waiting for spooling and finally printing to continue vs not doing that.

    Obviously proper button placement would have been better considered by someone who has experience working in a fast paced production environment, where delays of minutes and even seconds can decide a job is completed same day or next day.

    (Terrible) Temporary solution:

    Permanent solution:
    3D print a sliding cover, or physically relocate button to side of machine.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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