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Markis protecting your data

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If large corporate companies like Marriot, Google, Yahoo, Equifax, eBay, JP Morgan Chase and so on cannot prevent data theft and hacking attempts, what chance does a small company like ours have?

In November 2018, Markis took all customer data offline and created an internal and internet isolated ‘air-gapped’ network for processing, printing and production of mail outs.

This was not an easy task as even ‘air-gapped’ networks can be breached, under the right conditions. It has created more work to securely and safely pass data between the two networks; a customer updating artwork for example or making a major modifications to their database, but for the moment we intend to absorb the cost in time and disposable single use USB sticks while we work out the logistics, processes and absolute costs around this.

As a result, we have upgraded how data is received.

If you are located in Brisbane, we can accept data on digital media such as a USB stick or Disc, but they must be dropped in by an individual employed by the company. We cannot accept data delivered by couriers or third parties.

Alternately, data can still be provided via traditional means, but we insist this data is password protected prior to electronic transfer. Please email or phone for instructions prior to sending your database, then once received here, we will then contact you for the password.

Be safe,


Mark Prosser

0419 728 758



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