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Suspension of Priority Mail by Australia Post – Updated 2020/06/01

Australia Post on Wednesday 22nd April, 2020:

It has been announced this afternoon that the Priority Mail Service will be suspended from today and delivery service standards extended.

The full text of the notification on our website is below – I’ve also included a link so you can stay up to date with any future announcements. https://auspost.com.au/about-us/news-media/important-updates/coronavirus

Lodgements made today (21/04/2020) will be honoured and treated as Priority. From tomorrow all mail will be treated as Regular. You can still use Priority envelopes but all lodgements must be declared as Regular in eLMS.

An official communication from your account manager will also be sent but I just wanted to let you know as soon as I could. If you have any questions or concerns then please contact me or your account manager.

Australia Post on Thursday 23nd April, 2020:

In order to allow more time for you to consult with your customers on the suspension of the Priority mail service, it was agreed late yesterday for it to still be offered in the short term. The exact date of its suspension will be advised soon.

I would encourage you wherever possible to transition your customers to using the Regular service as soon as possible.

As of yesterday, Priority labels are no longer being sold in our Retail stores.

It’s important to make contact early with your mail house so that these restrictions will have limited impact on your next mailing.

Australia Post on Monday 1st June, 2020.

Although the previous Priority mail service has been suspended from today – a revised service will still be offered for certain products.

You will still be able to lodge mail for the following Bulk Mail services which will be delivered to the new revised Priority timetables (attached):

• PreSort
• Charity Mail
• Clean Mail
• Registered Post Imprint
• Print Post

They must also be declared and presented as previously i.e. priority indicia, tray tags, MIL.
The rates for these services remain unchanged to those published in the current Post Charges Guide.

A priority service will no longer be available for the following products:

• Imprint Small Charge Letters
• Imprint Large Charge Letters
• Local Country Letters
• Reply Paid

The products codes for these products have been disabled in eLMS from today. They will only be delivered to the regular timetable.

Customers who have priority envelopes will be able to use them for regular lodgements – trays must be tagged as regular with a regular MIL.

End of update.

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