Print supplier no longer meets standards

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Ten years I’ve been using a large two state print supplier and unfortunately my current experience is their standards have dropped dramatically in the past three years. This printer phones maybe twice a year asking how they can see more … Read More

Artwork Rejected

You’ve been rejected 🙁 Don’t panic though; we’ve probably already given you a solution or fix. We’re here to help. Wait? What’s happened? Unfortunately your supplied artwork has been rejected. Q: Why has my artwork been rejected? A: Artwork can … Read More

3D Print or Design Request

I’m still experimenting with 3D print and design, but if you have a project and I have the time, let’s come together and see what can be achieved.     File Size Limit: 20MB per file. If your file is … Read More

3D Printing Terminologies

This is provided for informational purposes only.   You do not need to know or understand any of the terminologies below when requesting a 3D Print or CAD design.   # 3D model – A 3D design typically produced on … Read More

3D Printing

  My foray into 3D Printing became in 2017, when ALDI were selling the Cocoon Create 3D Printer Touch, and upgrade from the previous year’s model.       I had taken an interest in 3D printing many years back, … Read More


Hey! Where are your testimonials? Sadly, I have no testimonials. 13 years in business, millions of letters sent, 1/2M re-invested in print and mail production equipment, tens of thousands of parcels posted, over a thousand customers, with nearly a hundred … Read More

Print Solutions

  Click banner above to request a quote.   More print information to be added very soon!

Print Terminologies

This is provided for informational purposes only.   You do not need to know or understand any Print Terminologies when asking for a quote, submitting artwork for print or requesting design work.   Bolster your general knowledge with these 772 … Read More

Artwork Specifications

Just send me whatever files you have and I’ll come back to you if there are any concerns. The following are recommend specifications for artwork. If you’re having any problems supplying to the specifications below; don’t worry. Contact me as … Read More

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